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Eliminate meetings.
Try video messaging
for distributed teams.

Keep your team engaged using video and let them join the conversation on their own schedule.

Asynchronous video messaging

Skip live meetings. Start asynchronous voice or video messaging on your own schedule to stay connected with your remote team.

One work feed across multiple groups & channels

Stop jumping from one workgroup to another. Access all your conversations from a single feed and quickly respond to messages or bookmark them to follow up later.

Threads actually done right

Don't get randomized by sporadic messages. Stay focused with threads that let you chat in real-time about a specific topic whether you're having a 1:1 or group conversation.
Work Groups
Connect with your team with a small private group, or even create a super large public community that highlights experts that want to help others learn and grow.
Add private and public channels to your work groups, organize them in categories and decide who can access, read or post in them.
1:1 Chat
Chat 1:1 with your teammates using threads, organize your conversations in channels and meet asynchronously by starting audio, text or video messages.
Personal Space
Get a free personal work group to write text, audio or video notes, gather your thoughts, and organize your world.
Search & Filters
Search by topic, person or tags and filter content by type (questions, answers, or comments).
Smart Q&A
Get answers before starting asking your question. Papr tells you if someone else had the same question and the answer they received.
Bookmark any conversation to quickly go back to it, follow up later or remind others to respond.
Security & Privacy
Secure, reliable and private communication wherever you are with group permission management.

"The relationship between video and text is exactly what other tools are missing. This app sets a new benchmark for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Tribal knowledge can finally be documented and retracted effectively".

SEAD89, an iOS user

"Papr is a much better alternative to Slack. It removes the noise and clutter you get with messaging. Threads organize my conversations and video messages lets me stay connected with my team even when they're on the opposite side of the globe".

amirkabbara, an iOS user

"I like the community orientation. I've joined several groups, and the conversations can be further segmented into channels. I like that I can post questions, or articles, or media".

itswattage, an iOS user

The best distributed teams stay connected on their own schedule

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