A voice collaboration platform for rockstar teams

Capture action items in any meeting

Capturing action items in meetings has never been simpler. Just say ‘hey Papr’ then share action items from your meeting. Papr will automatically capture action items and transcribe them in Slack so you can share them with the rest of your team or add them to Jira.

Document and share decisions with one voice command

With just one quick voice command you can document decisions with your voice and easily share them with the rest of the team. You no longer need to worry about decisions getting lost in translation. 

Get a summary of every meeting and never miss a thing

Get all the context you need for your project without jumping on every meeting. Papr asks meeting owners to summarize each meeting in 30 seconds. You can then say ‘what’s my meeting update’ and Papr will share an audio feed of all the meeting summaries or action items you missed.

Always in control

With Papr, you’re always in control. You can manage what Papr captures, the voice recordings saved and limit its access to specific channels, meetings or users. Papr also comes with top grade security features used by enterprise companies including cloud and on-premise support.

Connects with your favorite tools

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